Thursday, December 24, 2020

A Look Back at 2020 in Rhyme

The year 2020 was crafty as it started off like any other typical year in our lives
But it did not take long to realize that these twelve months would bring challenges super-sized
On March 3, a deadly tornado blew through our town and left destruction in its wake
With schools and homes ruined, we cleaned and cooked and cried for our neighbors' sake
What we didn't know then was that the kids' school year actually had come to a close
Because COVID arrived on the heels of that storm and ventures outside just suddenly froze
There would be no sendoff for Ian and his friends as they ended elementary school days
And the same held true for his sister as she now was done walking middle school hallways
We all learned new lingo like "quarantine" and "socially distanced" and "hydrochloroquine"
Games were played and bike rides were taken and organizing was done on every storage bin
I learned to answer my office phone through my laptop and held many meetings on Zoom
As I wore my sweats and slippers every day and drafted legal filings in my living room
Summer looked different as we continued at home still sharing the same space nearly 24/7
But it also brought celebrations of Cat making the school softball team and Ian turning eleven
August meant a delayed school year and the introduction of the "hybrid learning" look
Now my kids go to school twice a week and on other days stare at a Google chrome book
We did decide in October to drive to Maryland and see my parents for the first time in a year
Everyone stayed in the yard with masks and distance but still plenty of comfort in being near
In November we held a presidential election because no pandemic can stop us from voting
But I'm not going to write any more about that
This year has created an even greater appreciation for those who make our nation run
From nurses to postal workers and truck drivers to grocery clerks, I'm grateful for every one
I also am thankful for those who have loved one another so well in this difficult season
By wearing masks, supporting small businesses, or calling to say hello for no particular reason
All of us have experienced sadness and loss but we hope you also had some joyous times
We wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a 2021 that brings many happy rhymes

We love you and hope you are healthy and well!
Sarah, Catherine, and Ian Moore

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