Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Anniversary

Dear Home,

Happy anniversary! It's hard to believe that one year ago today, I signed my name approximately 487 times and got the keys to open your front door. From the very first afternoon, when Catherine and Ian both met neighbors their age and ran off to play and then we were invited next door for an amazing dinner instead of our planned meal of "pizza while sitting on the floor" and we finally finished the evening with time at our neighborhood pool meeting even more new friends, I knew we found a great fit.

Celebrating one year in our home on this super hot Nashville day (selfie photo credit to Catherine)

Thank you for being located in a neighborhood that is filled with kids who ride bikes and play ball in the street and get in fights and roam from yard to yard and block to block for hours on end.

Thank you for allowing my kids to attend amazing schools from now until when they graduate from high school. I know it is up to Catherine and Ian to determine what they make of these opportunities, but I'm grateful they are afforded the chance.

Thank for giving us space to grow - for providing my kids their own big rooms that are nowhere close to my room, a detail for which I imagine we all will be grateful as the teenage years approach. Sometimes we all need to retreat to our personal space.

Thank you for neighbors who care for and discipline my kids, who help me move furniture and fix appliances, who offer me a beer as we chat in the driveway, who make me laugh, and who remove deceased woodland creatures from my backyard following my dog's early morning eagerness to defend our property.

Thank you for a backyard that already was home to beautiful trees and to which we have added flowers and vegetables. Thank you for having a fence, which has allowed us to add our beautiful rescue dogs to our family. Thank for the satisfaction and the therapy I get from mowing your grass on a summer evening.

Thank you to the amazing village that got us into our home - for a realtor who is also one of my best friends and without whom we not have found the home that has made us so happy, the friends who helped us pack and clean our previous home and unpack and clean the new one, the friends who inspected every inch of this home and helped me with small repairs to give us the best start possible, the friends who let us live with them for a month while we waited for our new home to become truly ours, the beloved neighbors of our old neighborhood whom we love and miss dearly and who taught us how to be amazing neighbors to those around us on our new street, to my parents who have helped me in countless ways and who told me time and again how proud they are of me for getting my family here.

As my boy said today, "You know, Mom. It's amazing that we get to live here. It has everything you want for us and I love it! We just need to stay here." I agree, son. I agree.

Since the traditional gift for the one-year anniversary is paper, I think I will write a check for the mortgage. I can't think of a more fitting way to mark the occasion. Only 348 payments and then we REALLY can celebrate!

I know that, like me, you probably have Tony Toni Tone stuck in your head today. But, just in case you need a little more help celebrating this special day, here you go:

Love always,

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